The Chi-Mas Institute practices the essence of acupressure that is a pressure-point massage using the thumbs, balls of the hands and elbows. Anybody receiving massage from us at an airport sits on a massage chair and remains clothed – a good method for relaxing you just where you most need and least anticipate it. Acupressure benefits you a great deal within a short time, rapidly bringing body, spirit and soul back into equilibrium.

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Buchen Sie uns für Ihre Events, Messen und für Massagen in Ihren Räumlichkeiten.


Check in, relax and enjoy a massage at the airport: You will find us at Hamburg Airport in Terminal 1+2 Departures (Level 01) as well as Munich Airport in Terminal 2 Departures (Level 04).
Event massage
Are you wishing to offer guests a nice surprise? Or to enthral exhibitors or customers or enquirers at a trade fair? Or do something preventative towards promoting the motivation and health of your own staff?
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